Take a step

Take a step.

Just one step. One small step forward.

This, I’ve learned, will get you far. Further than you can imagine. It’ll take you to places that will make you wonder why, when, how did I get here?

But you have to be courageous enough, daring enough, stupidly faithful even, to take that one step into the unknown. Let me emphasize the unknown one more time. We don’t always know where we’re going, or what’s going to happen. Because yeah, we might not be certain of the direction we’re going, but if we don’t take that step, we’ll never know where we could end up.

Here are some steps I’ve taken in my life, knowingly or not:

  • One step to a small Christian liberal arts college
  • One step towards falling in love for the first time
  • One step away from that love when it turned out to be toxic and broken
  • Continuous steps towards daily conversations that matter
  • One step on a plane bound for Uganda, Africa
  • One shaky, very uncertain, step into a life with Christ
  • One step towards writing as a passion
  • One step by praying, every day, that God would use me. Somehow.
  • One step back to Santa Barbara to start pursing my current passion to be a coach.
  • Stepping, not-so-confidently, into three new jobs.
  • Daily steps towards figuring my shit out, no matter how imperfect that looks.

Recently, these steps have landed me at a spiritual women’s retreat in Big Bear, where I found myself awestruck at the places life has taken me. I was in a log cabin with some of the coolest women I’ve ever met. Women who I look up to. Who I want to BE when I’m older. Not necessarily because of what they do, which is pretty damn impressive. But because of who they are, as people. Broken and imperfect, yet confident, and the absolute best examples of what it means to live a life for others. They are women who completely crushed the professional world, cultivated closely-knit families, and faithfully followed Christ through the highest highs and lowest lows.

But had I not taken these steps, every single one of them, I never would have gotten here.

It looks simple when written on paper. But living it out – therein lies the challenge. Maybe you’re just graduating college, or transitioning between jobs, or getting out of a relationship, or just in a season where the next step is so uncertain. I’m telling you. Lean into that uncertainty. Embrace it. If it feels right to you (and scares the living hell out of you), you’re probably right where you should be. Even if you don’t know where it will take you.

So take that step. And walk in it.


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