beautifully broken

She plays make believe on her dirty front porch

bare feet sway

to and fro.

Watches her drunk mother sway

in much the same way.

Surrounded by dust and filth

and grime and hopelessness

and despair.

She’s heard “dream big”

but what can she possibly dream up

in a place such as this.

Eyes that transcend boundaries,

a harbor for memories of unseen horrors.

She’s just a broken little girl.


She gets ready in the morning

and along with her makeup and outfit,

puts on her mask of perfection.

She lives and dies for the approval

of strangers and friends alike.

But no one would ever know.

She kills herself to be perfect

To fit in

To be loved.

She goes to church, gets the grades,

has the clothes, friends, personality,

but for what?

Because she too,

she’s just a broken little girl.


She’s a girl held prisoner by her past

who fills herself up with the

adoration of lovers.

Shackles the pain

just to live another day.

Faces suffering and death wholeheartedly,

but cannot see the light.

She loves others

more than she could ever love herself.

If only she could see

how worthy she is,

it would change everything.

She didn’t mean to break you,

she’s just a broken little girl.


She’s caught in a cycle

of uncertainty and regret.

She wants to be good, she wants to be great.

It’s so easy to see who she could be

but so hard to make her realize

the beauty the lies in her imperfections.

She hides behind laughter,

trying to fool the world

into thinking she’s ok.

Trying to fool herself

into believing the same thing.

Trying so hard to find her way,

But still,

she’s just a broken little girl.


She fears her dependency,

and is terrified she will repeat the past.

She knows what is right,

but oh, she is painfully aware of what she wants.

The tension is building,

and maintaining the balance seems impossible.

Frustrated by her silence,

impatient for change,

and begging to be seen.

She can so easily find the beauty in others

but cannot accept that


just like everyone else

is just a broken little girl.


We all try our best,

but it isn’t about the trying,

it’s about the breaking,

and the brokenness.

We’re all just broken little girls,

but will we face that brokenness,

and bring it to the light?

Will we support each other,

love each other,

f i g h t for each other

despite it a l l.

Because it is only when we break

that we can heal

that we can become new.


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