Simple joys

Sometimes, you’re overwhelmed by the simple joys in life:

  • the smell of fresh sheets
  • sharing a cup of Rori’s ice cream with a friend
  • random texts from long distance friends
  • laughing until your abs are sore and your cheeks hurt
  • playing basketball in the gym until well past midnight
  • wearing your favorite pair of shoes
  • finally finishing a tube of chapstick
  • phone calls from people who make things easy
  • meaningful conversations that last well into the night
  • sitting in your living room, candles burning, music playing quickly, and writing
  • when prayers come to fruition
  • baggy clothes
  • finishing a Netflix series
  • finding new music
  • creative outlets
  • bookstores
  • the smell of books
  • finishing the most awesome book
  • blasting taylor swift so loud you can convince yourself that you’re a good singer
  • watching harry potter movie marathons
  • new friendships
  • handwritten notes
  • finding quotes that make the world easy to describe
  • good hair days
  • GREAT hugs
  • exploring new places with old friends
  • football games
  • finding people who get you &
  • being known.

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